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Rob Mamula



Up until 2 years ago when we were able to retire me because of the Advocare opportunity, I was a collegiate strength and conditioning coach. I graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in Human Performance and Fitness. While at NDSU I lettered in both Football and Track & Field. My events where the shot put and the discus. I always loved training and weightlifting in high school and especially in college when I got to see firsthand what science and practical application could do. The body fascinated me and it became and still is my quest to figure out how to best improve and maintain performance.

From NDSU I traveled to San Diego where I took a position at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista working as an assistant Strength Coach to USA track and field athletes. This was my first exposure to Advocare as the American Champion in the Discus was an endorser. I was fortunate enough to gain a position at UCSD as the assistant strength coach and then very quickly became the Director of Sports Performance which is a fancy way to say- “I made all the workouts.” I worked at UCSD for 5 years before making the transition to USD (university of San Diego) because of an opportunity to work with my one true love- football again.

By this time we had built a fairly solid Advocare business and we were at the Gold 3 Star position averaging about 3k/ month. During my time at USD our Advocare business exploded and on an Advocare incentive trip that Jodi and I earned to Paris, I decided to resign as a strength coach to pursue Advocare and my family full time. It was a pretty easy decision for me. I was already spending way too much time away from my wife and as I looked into the future 5 years down the road at other strength coaches I realized nothing would change. I looked at the men in Advocare and I saw champions, spending time with their family, making an impact in their local communities and still earning amazing income. It was a no brainer.

We have been full time Advocare now for almost 2 years and it is fantastic. Instead of coaching athletes, I’m coaching families. Instead of increasing people’s squat and clean and jerk, I’m helping bring debt freedom and time freedom to those that desperately need it. Eventually we would like to own a gym and meld our passion for the Lord with our passion for athletic development. Right now our focus is on our team and locking arms with those who catch the vision of Advocare and want more.

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